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There are many reasons why paper shouldn’t be part of the future of any successful business, big or small. Paper document management systems often become a bottleneck, slowing down the day-to-day operations, while adding significantly to the overall administrative cost. Paper documents are location bound, making management and distribution time-consuming and expensive. Paper documents cannot be integrated into computer applications and are often misplaced, temporarily or permanently. They get damaged, destroyed or lost, often having detrimental effects on business continuity and success:

Why Sable?

In-house or outsource? 

 Once a client has envisioned the advantages of document imaging and made the decision to adopt it as a business process and solution, the next step would be to identify the pros and cons of doing it in-house or outsourcing.

Why do clients prefer outsourcing to Sable? 

 Standing at the forefront of the digital world, Sable Document Imaging Architechs provide vendor-independent, best-of-breed customised Document Imaging and management solutions and is modelled on a highly successful document imaging and management service provider, which has been in operation for over 6-years. Standing testament to its success is a number of high profile clients such as SAPPI, SANDF, Nashua Mobile and KPMG.

1. Standardised document authenticity2. Advanced document usability3. High-speed bulk conversion4. Ongoing support