The Sable document imaging and management process 


Optical Character Recognition and Full-Text Editing

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the most common type of software driven recognition that renders text within a document searchable. 

OCR is generally broken into two types: Zonal and Full-Text. 

Zonal OCR is typically used on forms, where only specific fields on the form are of interest. 

Full-text OCR is used on free-form documents, such as legal briefs, to read the entire document and then prepare a searchable, full-text index of the document. Following full-text OCR, a word processing file (e.g., Microsoft Word) can easily be created from the originally scanned document. This newly created word processing file can serve as a stand-alone electronic document that can be fully edited and printed or it can be cut and pasted into an existing Word document(s). 

Generally, the Full-Text OCR process accurately converts approximately 95% of the scanned text from the original paper document. Full-text editing is a process that assures that the new electronic document is a complete and accurate representation of the original paper document. 

Large Format scanning

Sable specializes in Large Format scanning of wide format architectural and engineering drawings for cad drawing and auto cad drawing conversion plus architectural drawing, engineering drawing, and mechanical drawing large format scanning. 

Using our large format scanners, we can scan large format blueprints, survey plans, topographical maps, tax records, mechanical drawings, architectural plans and engineering large format drawings. We provide large format scanning services to Engineering companies, Architects, Builders, Government Departments, and to any other user of these types of documents. 

PDF Conversion

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, and represents a specialized file format developed by Adobe. In order to render a TIFF image files (or Microsoft Office application files) more portable and readable, they are generally converted into PDF files. PDF files are cross platform, navigational, ultra-printable, ultra-viewable and smaller than other conventional document formats. Searching and viewing PDFs is accomplished easily using the FREE PDF reader provided by Adobe or hyperlinks and bookmarks created post-scanning. 

Document Destruction

Sable understands it is just as important how your business disposes of documents, as it is how it stores and accesses them. As a full-service offering, Sable accommodates all document destruction needs and assures the job is done according to corporate, industry, and legal standards. 

Scanner Sales

Sable offers a wide range of products through its franchise network. Sable is in a position to consult with clients and position the optimum hardware solution for the client requirements. Consultation and recommendations is vendor independent, and based on specialization in this field by skilled and educated franchise owners and managers. 

Software Sales and Implementation

Sable is an agent for a wide range of indexing, OCR and document management software developers and vendors. Through skilled franchise owners and managers, Sable is in a position to provide vendor independent solutions. 

Scanner Maintenance

Our technicians are trained to provide maintenance services on a wide range of scanner equipment types.